Transparent hollow plastic ball

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Transparent hollow plastic ball

Hollow plastic ball also named hollow plastic spheres.

Product Description

The feature of this item is the packaging - plastic net bags. Why do I introduce this bag? Firstly, compared with naked packaging, there is no fear of damage when the goods is transported, even the carton is broken, it will not cause a reduction in the number of the balls, and when the balls are not in use, it can be very good storage to save space. Secondly, compared with PVC bags or mesh zip bag , the price of net bag is very cheap and the cost performance is very high. Thirdly, the net bag is very easy to clean, you can put the ball into the bag, then put it into the washing machine to wash, after washing, directly hang up to dry, it is really very convenient and easy to dry.


Transparent hollow plastic ball


1. Safe and non-toxic ---Environmentally friendly PE material, safe, odor-free, BPA-free, and certified by the national CCC

2. Flexibility----Through grasping, throwing, picking up the ball and other sports, you can exercise the flexibility of the baby's limbs
3. Hands-on Ability---- The diameter of the 6cm ball can prevent the baby from swallowing and can also practice the baby's grasping power. Develops good hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills

4. Color Recognition—10 bright & attractive colors: Red,Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple,White etc.Rich colors can increase your baby’s discrimination

5. Logical ability—Get young brains to think ans plan, promote their ability of problem solving

6. Spatial ability---- Train kid’s ability of color, shape and space cognition,stimulate their potential


Transparent hollow plastic ball

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