Crush proof ocean balls for ball pit

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Crush proof ocean balls for ball pit

Ball pit Balls are made of soft coloured plastic, safe and -6cm in diameter.
High quality material, non-toxic, BPA-free - safe for children.
Stimulate children's imagination, self development, bring endless fun!

Product Description

This Crush Proof Balls For Ball Pit also known as crush proof ocean ball, Colorful Ocean Ball Kids Balls, Colorful Crush Proof Balls Plastic Balls.Value Pack of colorful mini play balls for your ball pit, play tent, crawl tunnel, playhouse, playpen, bounce house, swimming pool, or bathtub. toy balls are super safe, super soft, & super fun! Our advanced sealing and air filling technology provides a Crush-Proof long lasting plastic ball that can withstand over 150lb of weight. Get a quote.


Features of Crush Proof Balls For Ball Pit


● Light weight, easy to operate and safe for little children; Non-toxic, no BPA.

● When pressed, they easily get their original shape without harming your child.

● Made of good quality material -- 6 cm in diameter /2.36 inch. Big enough that children can't swallow

● Colored plastic balls for playpens or swimming pools, ball pits or bouncy castles

● Great for gift giving: can be used outdoors and indoors in a variety of ways

● Monochrome and multicolor sets containing 100 to 1200 balls in beautiful pastel colors


Crush Proof Balls For Ball Pit


Why should you buy Crush Proof Balls For Ball Pit?


1.The bright colors can help kids to improve the ability of color recognition and can also develop kid's hand-eye coordination ability

2.The ball is made of plastic, which is durable, safe, non-toxic, tasteless and also eco-friendly

3.The colorful ball can improve baby's intelligence and exercise hand flexibility, which is beneficial to baby brain's development

4.Elastic, completely sealed, and do not need to inflate


Crush Proof Balls For Ball Pit}


Crush Proof Balls For Ball Pit


Benefits of 6cm ball pit balls


1.The 6cm ball is the excellent choice, whether the size, weight or softness are the most suitable for little children.

2.Considering the shipping cost, the 6 cm ball is also very advantageous in terms of price which can have more than 300,000pcs per 40HQ, and it is the most popular size at home and abroad.

3.The 6cm balls are often packaged in packs of 100pcs, 200pcs, and 400pcs. The size of the carton is 53*38*44cm, which is very good to meet Amazon's warehousing requirements.


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Crush Proof Balls For Ball Pit

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