What Can Plastic Balls Bring to You and Your Children?

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What Can Plastic Balls Bring to You and Your Children?

Sep. 13, 2022

Soft ocean balls are very common in children's playgrounds, colorful and particularly attractive to children. It can not only play a certain buffer, protection role in the play facilities, but also is a toy for children to interact. Hongying introduces you to the following new ways to play with the ocean ball, hurry up and collect them!


Hanging colored lights - exercise children's cognition of colors


1. Step: Put tape on the wall and stick the ocean balls onto the tape one by one.


2. Note: Ocean balls of the same color should not be next to each other.


3. Training points: can exercise the child's hand-eye coordination and color cognition, but also effectively exercise the child's upper limb muscle strength.


Small ball over the bridge - exercise children's balance


1. Steps: use two ropes to build a "small bridge", "bridge" under a cup, let the ocean ball in the "bridge" roll over, teach the child to separate the two ropes, let the ocean ball smoothly The child is taught to separate the two ropes and let the ocean ball fall into the cup.


2. Note: By controlling the height of the hand can adjust the rope tilt angle, so as to control the balance of the ocean ball.


3. Training points: this game not only can exercise the child's balance, but also can exercise the child's hand-eye coordination.


Dunking little master - exercise children's observation skills


1. Steps: Draw holes of different sizes on the cardboard box, prepare some ocean balls of different sizes, and let the children throw them into the corresponding holes according to the size of the balls.


2. Note: parents should demonstrate, explain, so that children understand the rules of the game.


3. Training points: can exercise the child's observation skills and the ability to match the size of things.


Star Shape Plastic ball

Star Shape Plastic ball


Where to run the little ball - exercise children's reaction skills


1. Steps: Parents and children sit opposite each other, roll the ball from the table to the child, the child needs to use the paper cups in front of them one by one to cover the thrown ocean ball.


2. Note: Parents can adjust the speed of throwing the ball according to the child's ability.


3. Training points: can exercise the child's concentration, hand-eye coordination and the ability to respond quickly.


Small ball across the river - exercise the child's breath control


1. Steps: fill paper cups with water, line them up next to each other, put the ocean ball in the cup in front of the child, let the child blow into the ocean ball, so that the ball rolls into each cup one by one.


2. Note: the amount of water will have a great impact on the effectiveness of the game.


3. Training points: you can exercise the child's breath control, to help children better speech, pronunciation.


Transparent hollow plastic ball

Transparent hollow plastic ball


Marine plastic ball is not only a toy for children, but also early education, enlightenment teaching aids, while playing this can also increase the interaction between parents and children. If you do not have marine plastic balls at home, or want to buy new plastic balls, welcome to visit Hongying product page to buy! Hongying is a supplier of marine plastic balls, providing colorful, safe, healthy and high quality marine plastic balls.


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