How to Use Plastic Balls for At-home Parent-child Play?

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How to Use Plastic Balls for At-home Parent-child Play?

Aug. 10, 2022

Nowadays, many children linger over the ocean balls in children's playgrounds, but parents have doubts about the safety and hygiene of these communal toy balls. Some worry that the ocean plastic balls will be cross-infected with bacteria after being touched by more than one person, and some worry that the rubbish and scraps may damage their children's skin, here are a few ways Hongying can introduce you to the fun of plastic balls at home with your children. Enjoy parent-child time!


plastic balls


1. Dribbling game

If you don't have a lot of plastic balls at home or have limited space, (You can also come to Hongying to buy or customise popular plastic balls) parents can play a dribbling game with their children by finding a hand towel and putting a few pieces of ocean balls on the hand towel to dribble the ball back and forth together.


2. Ball throwing game

Set up a cardboard box or laundry basket not far away and let your child throw it repeatedly. Set some rules for the game, such as scoring competitions, etc. Parents should also participate in the game, so that parents and children can play together to increase the child's feeling of fun.


3. Play with balls at bath time

The balls are colourful, of a good size and buoyant. Young children often resist bathing and even cry, so put some plastic balls in the bath to attract their attention and make them feel the fun of bathing.


4. Sticky ball game

Start by preparing props, sea balls and transparent tape, and have your child stick the plastic balls on the tape in a certain order and according to certain rules. This game is a great way to develop concentration habits, learn to sort colours and to develop children's colour recognition and hand skills.


5. Ball catching game

Find an inclined plane, adults put the ball from the high side of the inclined plane and children catch the ball with the frame at the low side. Parents can sum up the experience with their children after the game and develop their abstract thinking.


plastic ocean balls


Can't wait to give it a try? For more knowledge and ways to play with the ocean plastic balls, please keep your eyes on Hongying. Hongying uses non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials and has a variety of shapes and styles of plastic balls such as hearts and stars, which can bring more safety and fun to your parent-child games!

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