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How to Choose a Good Plastic Ball?

Jul. 21, 2022

Thousands of colourful "ocean balls" are gathered together to form a huge "ocean ball" pool, and then "matched" with slides, trampolines and other forms of children's play items, so The "ocean ball" based children's playground has now become the "standard" in major commercial complexes. However, this kind of children like to play with the ocean ball, but there are many hidden dangers, its safety and health situation is worrying. (If you are looking for wholesale plastic balls,custom ball pit balls,playhouse balls or plastic play balls, welcome to choose Hongying!)


What are the dangers of ocean balls?


The quality of the ocean balls on the market varies, and there is a proliferation of poor quality ocean balls, some of which can be as cheap as 10 dollars for a few hundred, all of which coincidentally have problems such as excessive formaldehyde, pungent smell and sore hands at the interface. Children's immunity is low, the skin is delicate, the lighter may cause skin allergies, nose, throat, throat discomfort and burning sensation, runny nose, sore throat, coughing, etc., the heavier the chest tightness, breathing difficulties, headaches, heartburn, etc., long-term excessive inhalation of formaldehyde can cause nasopharyngeal cancer, throat cancer and many other serious diseases.


3 steps for you to choose a high-quality plastic ball!


1. Touch the surface with your hands

A good quality marine ball will feel particularly comfortable to the touch. Avoid plastic balls that feel rough or even a little harsh to the touch.


2. Smell with your nose

Plastic balls with a pungent smell often contain excessive additives and harmful substances.


3. Material thickness

The material of a quality ball is thicker and more durable than a poor quality ball.


Children have a greater range of motion when playing with plastic balls. If the plastic ball is of poor quality and breaks down when pinched, it will naturally discourage children from playing and lead to a loss of customers. Furthermore, poor quality ocean balls may be less expensive in the short term, but in the long term constantly replacing plastic balls will incur more costs.


Kids all loves plastic ocean balls


Not only does the quality of the ocean ball provide a side verification of whether the indoor playground manufacturer is trustworthy, it also has a direct impact on the children's play experience and affects the business of the indoor playground.


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